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DR 9080C





Product Information Specifications
  • Affordable price
  • Colour, greyscale scanning
  • Up to 90ppm
  • Staple Detection
  • Double Feed Detection
  • Image Rotate by character recognition
  • Skip Blank Page
  • Skew Correction
  • Colour Dropout
  • 6 million scan durability

Unprecedented Scanning Speeds With a Very Affordable Price Tag

At an exceptionally affordable price, the new DR-9080C offers unprecedented scanning speeds of 90 pages per minute accommodating paper up to A3 in size of varying thickness.

Supporting both greyscale and colour scanning, the DR-9080C has some exciting new functions such as staple detection and image rotation by character recognition. It has a SCSI and USB interface and comes bundled with Capture Perfect 2.0!



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